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Bound To Be Wild. 2013-2014.

"We seek to reawaken in visitors the question concerning the fate of playgrounds”, says Galit Gaon. “Why and when did they change in Israel from a place of adventure to a collection of ‘apparatuses’? What should we, designers, planners, parents, and decision makers in Israel, do in order to restore playgrounds to their appropriate place – as a wonderful, imaginative alternative for older and younger children, and parents and children to play together. This exhibition is a call for a candid discussion on our place, on the right to dream, the freedom to experiment and experience, the opportunity to play, and on the alternative of growing up happy. Hana Hertsman once said: ‘Design is an opportunity to learn to choose well’. In this exhibition we invite visitors, designers, city planners and mayors, municipal engineers and safety consultants, parents and educators, young and old alike, to return to the magic of playgrounds for a while and to choose well”

Photos by Orma Oren Izraeli

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