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Social Bauhous. 2019.

Every society has the right repertoire of social activities for its time, and Red Haifa pulsed with a ramified assortment of activities including the integrated use of the urban space and the AmphiTheatre for parades, dancing, and more. Writings, photos, and dozens of posters from Nahman Tamir’s archive attest to the complexity of the cultural activity that also managed, in its way, to express criticism.

The theatrical setting allowed something that was repressed, that could not be developed directly in public, to be viewed in a controlled manner. Tamir’s archive makes its public debut at the “Social Bauhaus” exhibition at an installation crafted by his granddaughter, the artist Orna Oren-Izraeli, “Reading Party.” In the installation, set up at the home of the Haifa Labor Council, where a Hadar Hacarmel cooperative group is active, the archive serves the artist as the point of departure for a contemporary reading of textual and visual material. Oren-Izraeli chooses to co-opt demographically diverse women and men from in the area of Syrkin and Hehaluts Streets into a reading of Ushpizin

Photos by Orit Siman Tov

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