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Unstable Connection. 2020.

Since I started my way as an artist I have been researching my family cell, its internal architecture and its relationship with the environment and society.  Lately, under the influence of the Corona and politics, our culture has been shocked and undergoing an accelerated process of change. This group of works deals with the changes that occur within the family unit and particularly affect the older women in the family, who are doomed to stay away. I collect pictures of my grandmothers and make up new and strange characters, who have organic connections and live alongside disruption and distortion that are the fruits of the era. The act of painting unites the reconstituted parts and reveals gaps in time, great physical similarity and surrealistic contexts.

The hybrid figures that were created and painted one after the other, created an arsenal of new women, some of whom lacked a definite age, time or place. As large as the sum of all their components, they become strange and shaky, unstable personas, as a metaphor for the mental state of the world. These other characters are us. On the one hand we have an organic and living connection and on the other hand it is distorted a, non-normative, a mirror of the period. Nevertheless, a point of view is maintained that contains elements of humor, play, compassion and observation of nature with healing properties and beauty

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